Why making it rain?

Because let’s  be honest, we all want a little more of this in our lives:


Though the reality may look a little more like:


I spent the better part of my twenties making it rain  – on drinks, on vacations, on clothes, on whatever – when I could have been crushing my debt and taking advantage of those invaluable years where you can really make your money work for you.

I started this blog to aid in my own personal recovery from all the financial mishaps of my twenties, take control of my finances, and to motivate other Millenials to do the same.

I spent my twenties thinking money was somehow both boring and scary – but it doesn’t have to be.  This is meant to be an approachable and judgment-free zone when it comes to figuring out your money and your life.

Instead of watching my dollars disappear every month, I want to make it rain in my investment accounts.  I want to make it rain with multiple income streams.  I want to build wealth so I have the options and freedom to live where I want, how I want.

Making it rain can mean a lot of things.  What does it mean to you?