Monthly Spending Diary – June 2018

monthly spending diary

Well friends, we are officially halfway through 2018 and I decided to round out the half-year by making June the spendiest month of 2018 so far. June marked a lot of significant life events, including a wedding, a trip to my hometown, and moving to a new country! In fact, this is my first monthly spending diary that I officially bring to you from NYC! I am so happy to be here, but it should come as no big surprise that my June expenses were way up and the debt repayment and savings were way down.

So let’s dig in. Here are my numbers for savings and debt repayment this month:

Savings/Debt Repayment June May
Student Loan $100 $100
Retirement $102 $205
Emergency Fund $0 $300
Other Investments/Savings $0 $550
Total $202 $1155

Basically all of my savings and debt repayment goals have been put on hold with this move. It is so strange now to have a month where I pay off or save less than a thousand dollars. On top of extra expenses this month, I also missed a paycheck because I quit my previous job with a few weeks before my new position was scheduled to start. Luckily, I was able to make up a good chunk of that lost income with my side hustles but I definitely still felt the loss, especially when it seemed like I was hemorrhaging money this month.

I am just going to take it as a good sign that this month feels abnormal and I look forward to getting a paycheck again and getting back into a comfortable savings routine. I am also so excited to crush the last of my student loans (sitting at about $2700 right now) and will probably do so with one or two lump sum payments once I have a steady income again.

Now on to my spending for the month of June: 

Expenses June May Notes
Rent $0 $950 I had already paid my last month’s rent on my current apartment and did not yet have to put down rent/deposit on a new place.
Food $552 $806 Whaaa. This inadvertently went down. Like a lot. Life is weird sometimes.
Car $164 $186
Health $467 $213 I had a couple dental visits, prescriptions to fill, and therapy to pay for out of pocket.
Insurance $159 $159
Entertainment $622 $368 Whoaaaa momma. I mean, I knew it was bad this month…but dang. Let’s get this back in check in July. PS this category includes everything from coffee shops, books, bars, wine, movie and concert tickets, etc.
Vacation Fund/Travel $743 $100 An AirBnb, a hotel for said wedding, and a plane ticket to my new home!
Gifts $75 $129 A wedding gift.
Cell Phone $73 $73
Internet $44 $44  
Toiletries $68 $5  My costs here are usually pretty low but I buy makeup about once a year so most of this was my new $50 foundation.
Charity $15 $15 My regular monthly contribution to MSF. I need to up this amount to MSF and I will also start contributing to and PP again.
Household $82 $19 Mostly just cleaning and packing supplies.
Public Transportation $30 $30 Topping up my transit card for trips back home.
Laundry & Dry Cleaning $20 $10  
Miscellaneous $553 $274 Movers, packing stuff, etc.
Clothing $46 $259 A new belt and a pair of aviators – both long overdue purchases that I have used every single day since I bought them. Worth it.
Uber/Taxi $51 $28
Hair/Spa $167 $0 Wedding preparations – a manicure, a pedicure, and a haircut.
Total $3,931 $3,649  

Reviewing my spending, both my groceries and dining out decreased this month. I think part of this was because I was trying to eat my way through all the food already in my ktichen before the move and trying hard not to add items to my pantry. It’s amazing what happens when you get creative with what you already have lying around the house.

As for everything else, I definitely called it in my May spending diary that June would NOT be the month that everything goes back to normal. Sure enough, here we are. My spending actually put me into the red this month, but luckily I have been saving for this move and had plenty of cash set aside to draw from when trying to cover all of these added expenses. I should also note that some of my moving expenses will be reimbursed by my company, so this number is overinflated.

July should be the first month where things start to settle down again. I will still be facing some big expenses (uh first month’s and security, anyone?) but I will be eating at home more, going out and traveling less, and generally just getting settled in my new home.

Well now it’s official – we are halfway through 2018! How are you doing with tracking your spending and/or your budget? What areas do you ace and what do you continue to struggle with month after month? Let’s discuss!

3 thoughts on “Monthly Spending Diary – June 2018

  1. I found you via The Luxe Strategist and I’m so glad I did! I’m still in my 20s, but I think I will be late to doing some major financial lifting because of school. It’s such a relief to see other people getting themselves together a little later in life – it gives me hope that I can do the same. Hope your move went smoothly and that you’re settling in nicely. Looking forward to more posts when things are calmer for you!


    1. Isn’t Luxe the best? 🙂 I am so glad you have found something to relate to here. I felt SO behind by the time I got around to facing my finances around age 29. If you are still in your twenties and figuring it out now, you are in fantastic shape!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She’s great! Doesn’t totally feel like it, so I really appreciate the encouragement!


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