May 14 Weekly Roundup: Sunday Morning Reading


I am terrible at getting these link roundups out (for real, I should change the name to monthly roundup) but I will blame it on the fact that I have spent 3 out of the last 5 Sundays either on a plane in transit for work, or working.  That being said, these roundups are some of my favourite posts to include on the blog and I love getting the word out about some of the great posts I’ve recently come across.

Last week, I wrote about how my scarcity mindset is seriously eating away at my relationship.  It was an emotional post about something I have been struggling with for months.  The support in the comments was amazing, so thank you to all those who stopped by and shared their personal experiences with a scarcity mindset and how it has impacted your relationships.

And without further ado, here were some of my main reads this week:

Worked to Death (Ty at Get Rich Quick’ish)

Want some scary stats on how many of your best hours you’re giving to your employer?  Yea, it’s 105,300 hours.  I am not a FIRE blogger but Ty has such a way with breaking it down to sound, well, awesome.  If someone is going to bring me over to FIRE, it might just be Ty.

The Meandering Path of a Financial Late Bloomer (Luxe Strategist)

I loved this post from Luxe Strategist for two reasons.  One, I love hearing more about people’s back stories – where they come from, what they’re about, and why they have the ideas about money they have.  But also, I am totally a Financial Late Bloomer as well and can personally relate to this post on many levels.  Do yourself a favour and go learn a little more about Luxe Strategist and some of the financial decisions she made in her early twenties.

Who Cares if Your Passions Cost Money? (Mixed up Money)

I am pretty much in love with this post.  I have been feeling so guilty for months about needing to go out and buy new canvas and acrylics.  I am trying to throw every last dime toward debt, and it has completely blinded me to the fact that uh yea, you still need to have hobbies and enjoy life and stuff.  Big thanks to Alyssa at Mixed up Money for this awesome reminder.

April 2017 Blog Traffic and Social Media Update (The Savvy Couple) 

Okay this post was from over a week ago, but I keep going back to re-read it!  It is so inspiring to see how these two are growing their blog.  I love the transparency about how much work they are putting into developing the blog and how they check in with the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the month.  Keep up the great work, Savvy Couple.

Thank you all for another week of reads and happy Mother’s Day Sunday!

3 thoughts on “May 14 Weekly Roundup: Sunday Morning Reading

  1. I’ll consider it my mission to convert you to FIRE 😁 Even if you don’t want to quit your full time job, I think everyone should get themselves into a financial position where they could do so if they wanted to.

    Thank you for including me in your round-up! I’m always humbled when someone is willing to share what I’ve written. So thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha you’re well on your way to pulling it off! Really, I find GRQ one of the most relatable FIRE blogs out there so thanks for all you do.


  2. Hi Kate,

    “I am terrible at getting these link roundups out…”

    But at least you do them. I think every two weeks feels right. Depends on how crazy my schedule is. I’m very new at blogging but it’s fun to feature someone else’s blog when you see how much work they’ve put into it.

    I’ll tweet this one.


    Liked by 1 person

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