Weekly Roundup: Fantastic reads from this week


Sorry this post is coming at you a little late!  Being sick for the last two solid weeks has really thrown a wrench into my blogging schedule.  Luckily, there have been some absolutely kickass posts over the last couple weeks that I cannot wait to feature!

This week, I published a post about the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), which includes some basic crash course information about the pros of this retirement savings vehicle.  Check out the full post here: Do I really need an RRSP? Some things to help you decide.

And now for some great reads from the last two weeks:

The Latte Factor, Economic Compassion, and Poor Shaming  (Bitches get Riches)

This gem of a post dates back a couple weeks now but it was too fab to not include in this roundup.  Seriously, go check out this article ASAP, it was one of the most real and refreshing things I’ve read in a long time.

Creating a Tangible Separation from Work When We Retire (Ms. ONL @ Our Next Life)

How do you make the transition into early retirement so that retirement doesn’t feel completely…well, like another regular work day?  Ms. ONL shares some stellar thoughts on the subject.  Even for non-FIRE folks, I think this post serves as an awesome reminder to create a healthy separation between your work and your personal life.

A Case Study in Financial Planning (Some Random Guy Online)

I love case studies and this was no exception.  SRGO looks at the case of a new physician making $600K a year and breaks down some next steps for this family of 4 to pay back debt, invest, and plan for the future.  Who doesn’t love a little number crunching?

Being a Wedding Guest on a Budget (Jane @ Cash Fasting)

As I just attended my first Bachelorette party of the season on Friday night, this post could not have been better-timed!  Jane shares some awesome tips about how to navigate the dressing, the traveling, and the gift-giving madness of wedding season (especially if you have multiple weddings coming up!).

Treating Yourself is not the Answer (Cait Flanders)

“When things were hard, I knew there was an easy way out. I knew there could be some immediate relief: a buzz brought to you by sugar, alcohol or new stuff. But doing the shopping ban and quitting drinking taught me those escapes were always short-lived, before I was dragged back to reality kicking and screaming. “Treating myself” was not the answer. The only way out was to feel my way through it.”

This incredible post also came out a couple weeks ago but since sickness sabotaged all my writing time, I didn’t have a chance to include it in a previous roundup.  Go read this immediately!

Thank you all for another fabulous couple weeks of reading and looking forward to what next week brings!  Have a happy Sunday!

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