First Ever Weekly Round-Up

Cause the PF blogs were that good this week. 

The personal finance world was on fire this week. Some of the posts I came across this week were such a delight, in fact, that I feel compelled to share them rather than publish my own post this week.

Also, writing your own stuff is hard. So win-win!

Without further ado, I present some of the great reads from this week:


The Real Truth about How I Save Half My Income (Des at HalfBanked)

For those of you following Des over at HalfBanked, you know she has been banking half her income. She gets real this week about how she is actually able to do that.

If you are somebody who is not saving 50% or more of your income and are feeling down and out because of it…head over to her blog. This week’s post will get you sorted out.


When 50% Isn’t Everything (Penny at She Picks up Pennies)

“It’s hard to prove to someone that their worth exists outside their income in today’s world.” 

This post was another thoughtful take on what it means to be able to save 50% of your income – especially what that means in a partnership when one of you is earning less, or not earning at all for a period of time.


Reflections on a year of home ownership (NZ Muse)

One of my future financial/life goals includes home ownership.  I loved the simple but sweet breakdown of feelings toward renting vs. feelings toward owning, and this post hit home because my renter’s exhaustion is real right now.  NZ Muse’s take on it is well worth a read.


Why I am a Working Mom (Ms. Steward @ How We Do Money)

“Honestly, the greatest guilt I have about being a working mom is that most of the time I don’t feel guilty about it at all.”

I loved this post.   I don’t have children yet, but I would like to in the next few years. I also enjoy working and think I would make a pretty terrible stay-at-home mom.  Kudos to Ms. Steward for the sheer honesty in this post.  Also, for all the people who continue to comment on women’s reproductive lives, pregnancy decisions, parenting decisions, etc. – just stop.


Can a person become too frugal? (Mystery Money Man)

This week, Mystery Money Man teases apart a question many of us have been faced with: where is the line when it comes to frugality and how do you know if you’ve crossed it?  I love the emphasis on the role that luxury should play in our lives, as this is a common refrain that guides my own frugality.


Thank you for an amazing and inspiring week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “First Ever Weekly Round-Up

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love all these posts. I’m in a similar boat to Des and I think it’s so important for people like us to recognize our hard work along with our privilege.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally! I am not in a position where I can save half my income right now, but there are so many ways that I have been privileged, and I think being transparent about that is really important. Glad you enjoyed the reads this week and looking forward to checking out your blog 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved Des’ post. Right now, I’m at about 45% post tax savings. I feel like I’m in a good spot, but can always improve.

    I’m looking to build wealth for the future – I’m single now, but when I get married, I want my life to be stress free financially!

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks for the comment, Erik. Wow 45% is really impressive! That’s so awesome you’ve already got these habits (and a great savings rate) figured out before you settle down.

      If you’re looking to scale up your savings just a bit, I love the 1% Challenge from Paula at Afford Anything. You add just 1% of your takehome salary to your savings each month – an awesome way to gradually build to where you want to be! (


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